Some Photos in January 2016

Mix of photos taken in January 2016

1 November 2015

A Sunday walk in and around Portixol

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Some Photos In Sepia

Some Black & White Photos

Old Photos from Alcudia By Night

Photo taken on a Canon Camera, between 2012-2014 on a hobby project that I heaved

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A week in London with to much work, only gave me this photos

A Sunday in Wales

Sunday afternoon in Cardiff (Wales)

Market In Alcudia

Any marketplace with all the colors, is a goldmine for photo interested people, This is some from Alcudia Market

Morning on North Mallorca

Sunrise, siluetts and some playing with shutter speed a Sunday morning in Playa de Muro

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Some photos taken on the beach under Hotel Nixe.

Afternoon In Palma

Some photos with water in Palma de Mallorca